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Volunteering in an orphanage is a great way to really experience the culture of a country, whilst making a contribution and gaining an unforgettable experience.

Volunteer assists in the daily running of the orphanage. In some placements, volunteer can live in the orphanage with the

The main objectives of this monastery volunteer program is to enable Buddhist monks to develop an additional language skill. By the end of Buddhist high school graduation they will be able to exp

The volunteer health program provides opportunities to health professionals, medical students, and public health students,volunteer. The program consists of medical practice in health centres under the guidance of a health supervisor. It also allows for volunteers with knowledge of healthcare

In this program volunteers have the opportunity to live with a traditional Nepali family. This gives the volunteer the chance to learn about all aspects of Nepali life, culture, food and society.

Disabled or “Differently Able” people in Nepal face many challenges. Culturally, they are generally shunned by society, and there are few facilities that have specialized in caring for these children. These centers deal with a variety of challenged children who are effected by: Aut

This is a program where volunteer work will basically be in local schools. Here you will have to teach English to Nepali children. The English you teach will have to mostly be conversational. You will also have to handle reading classes along with that. This has been devised for the purpose of

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