Message From Founder:

Firstly I would like to thank you for visiting the Volunteer Foundation Nepal, VFN online page.


We are running into 5th year of establishment of VFN. In these years, we have been providing emergency shelter home for orphans, victims of natural disaster, children of conflict and homeless street children. This shelter is 24 hour intake faciliity. In these 5 years, we are proud of what VFN has accomplished to reach to its mission, goals, objectives and vision.

With the assistance and support from our sponsors and supporters, we aim to provide homely, supportive and safe environment for more impoverished children also in the coming days, to give them opportunity to learn and develop so that they can become a part of the society and our nation as a whole.


We also place volunteer to different placement areas as per their areas of interest. With this, volunteers will gain life time experience and fulfillment of their dreams. We have volunteer projects like orphanage volunteer program, home-stay and cultural program, teaching program at a monastery, disabled volunteer program, volunteer heath program and volunteer teaching program and we are more interested to work with international youth.

Our placements give volunteers the chance to experience the real Nepali lifestyle and culture. They can use their skills and experience to develop the project and therefore making a contribution towards Nepali society. In return they have the chance to gain new skills, learn about another culture and have a truly unforgettable experience. We provide quality, friendly and supportive placements for volunteers. This as a return will give us  consistency of volunteers so our projects have regular support and can progress.

With the help of corporate partners, volunteers, individual donors, sponsors and VFN staffs, we’ve saved and rescued millions of lives. The sad reality is that there is still tremendous works left to do. The condition of children in Nepal is still not as they deserves. We believe that we can improve these children’s condition because we have already made many children’s lives better in various ways.

Together we can fulfill our promise to help those helpless children. I look forward to working together to achieve our common goals.

Best Regards
Lalit Shahi

Thursday 2019 January 24
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