Volunteer Programme - Orphanage (Children Home)

Volunteering in an orphanage is a great way to really experience the culture of a country, whilst making a contribution and gaining an unforgettable experience.

Volunteer assists in the daily running of the orphanage. In some placements, volunteer can live in the orphanage with the children and for others they will live in a special volunteers' apartment. Your role as a volunteer is to act as a big brother or sister to the children. The particulars of the role can vary depending on the orphanage. In general you will be assisting the children to get ready for school, help them with their homework, play games and organise activities and assist them in practicing English.

VFN Allows the opportunity to work with underprivileged children who have been isolated and many times, forgtten by socitety at large. Although working with orphans can be physicaly and emotionally hard work, our volunteer find it all the more rewaeding. Our volunteers involeved themselves in daily activities that helps the facilities run smoothly and show the children that someone direct does care about them.

You may also be required to help in the daily running of the orphanage, such as helping to prepare food or cleaning. As a volunteer you will be a role model for the children, giving them care and encouragement whilst teaching them basic life and health skills.


  • Teach English in an orphanage
  • Share knowledge with workers in the orphanage
  • Organize field trips with the children
  • Coordinate with local teachers in the orphanage
  • Participate in various activities within the orphanage
  • Short trips to other places
  • Cultural exchange with the locals.

Depending on the needs of the children, volunteers can get involved in any of following activities:

  • Teaching English (1-2 hours a day) to children.
  • Organizing games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education and extracurricular activities.
  • Taking kids on Playgrounds.
  • Helping kids to do homework, monitor academic progress, and make sure kids complete their homework.
  • Sanitation (helping kids in brushing teeth, shower, and personal hygiene).
  • Child care services for orphans who cannot go to school.
  • Help kids to dress up and reach school safely.
  • Help with administration, running errands etc.
  • Help in other activities or programs designed for kids.

    Program Fees Include:
    - Transportation from Airport to placement.
    - Accommodation and Breakfast (3 time )
    - Accommodation and meals during placement. (nepali food i.e Daal Bhat , which includs : Rice,Lentils, vegetable and Pickle)
    - Language and cultural information classes.
    - Special training according to the program.
    - Sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley. (Two Different world Heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley)

    Does not Include:
    - Personal Insurance
    - Flights (Domestic and International)
    - Laundry service
    - Drinks and Bar Bills
    - Visa fees
    - Entry fees.

    Experience Required:
    At least 18year old
    - Possess a motivated desire to help other
    - Good Mental & Physical health
    - Absolutely No criminal background

    Volunteer Types.
    English Teaching
    This Program is open to.
    Worldwide Participants.Participants Traveler.
    Typically Participants Work
    Contact Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN)


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