Emergency Support Program:

VFN is helping hand for emergencies working to prevent further worsening of the situations. A situation that poses an immediate risk to health, life, property, or environment is known as an emergency. Such emergencies come in Nepal due to various natural calamities, like floods and landslides. Our emergency support programs work to implement various Human Rights. We only send trained and skilled personnel to such programs.

We have responded to many emergencies all over Nepal till now. Recently VFN distributed basic food, grains and clothes sufficiently enough for a month to all the victims of electric shots when about 50 huts were destroyed in Sinamangal area of Kathmandu.
Standard and advanced first aid trainings classes are also available. These courses are designed to train people to deal with everyday emergencies and should be taken by them entrusted with the care of others. VFN updates regularly Emergency management to ensure an effective strategy is in place to address many possible types of emergencies and disasters.

VFN raise funds to finance the distribution of food, clothes, and other emergency medical care and shelter. Providing emergency aid programs according to the need and research of the victims is one of the missions of VFN. Doing so, we will be able to help the victims restoring their normal living conditions. We are collaborating with Gear up Foundation which supports us financially in case of such emergencies.

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