Volunteer Programme - Health & Medical Sector:

The volunteer health program provides opportunities to health professionals, medical students, and public health students,volunteer. The program consists of medical practice in health centres under the guidance of a health supervisor. It also allows for volunteers with knowledge of healthcare to share knowledge and skills therefore making a direct impact to improving healthcare in Nepal.

Our government tries to provide proper health service in rural parts of Nepal. Many of the health post centersestablished to provide services in rural areas are inadequately staffed. Also skilled, professional, trained, health workers reluctant to go these places whether their posting is in rural areas due to the lack oftransportation,physicalequipments in health centers and they there is no any options to enhance their skill in rural areas. So, most of the health personnel are limited in urban area. In some health centers sometimes an office assistant recommend Anti Biotic for normal case. Community Upliftment Society Nepal assembles compassionate volunteer groups to help alleviate this problem in an effort to boost the quality of health care for disadvantaged Nepali people.

Volunteer are placed in Local Health Post, Hospital, Health clinics and any other health centers. Health Program Volunteer assist local doctors and medical staff in the treatment of patients. Also, volunteer may participate in such hospital programs such as vaccinating, checking patients, consulting to patients, nutrition, or treatmentofminorinjuries.Volunteers also may take a part in health camp, mobile clinic, visiting door-to-door program.

Interested volunteers must have certification or proof of experience in amedical field, such as a medical student ID, EMT or paramedic certification, ornursingorphysician’s credentials. Due to the health risks involved, volunteers who are not properly trained in health care cannot work in some circumstances. But they may involve in observing and studying medical system in Nepal. Also they will be involved in keeping health records, consulting to patients for nutrition, HIV aids awareness program.

Nepal doesn’t have enough manpower. The ratio of doctors to population is lower than the WHO standard. This means that contributions from volunteers will make a huge difference to communities in Nepal. Volunteers will participate in empowering local people, helping at health centres, providing primary healthcare, supporting rural health workers, supporting women health volunteers, preparing health reports and possibly educating school children about healthcare, depending on the placement.


  • Assist doctors
  • Nurses and medical staffs
  • Assist doctorsExamine and treat the patients
  • Treat minor injuries
  • Volunteers can also participate in hospital programs like record keeping
  • Educate patients on the importance of sanitation, nutrition, etc.


Program Fees Include:
- Transportation to and from Kathmandu Airport.
- Transportation to and from village placement.
- Accommodation and Breakfast (3 time )
- Accommodation and meals during placement. (nepali food i.e Daal Bhat , which includs : Rice, Lentils, vegetable and Pickle)
- Language and cultural information classes.
- Special training according to the program.
- Sightseeing in the Kathmandu Valley. (Two Different world Heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley)

Does not Include:
- Personal Insurance
- Flights (Domestic and International)
- Laundry service
- Drinks and Bar Bills
- Visa fees
- Entry fees.
We don't charge any hidden cost to volunteers. There is no refund policy once you start the programme.

Experience Required : Two year experience at Medical sector.

Volunteer Types : Childcare/children, Social Services, Social Work

This Program is open to. Worldwide Participants.

Participants Travel Independently

Typically Participants Work. Independently


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