Appeal for Land and Building Support for Children Home


 Dear Sir/Madam,

Volunteer Foundation Nepal (VFN) – PAPA’s Home is a service oriented, nonprofit making governmental organization registered in the District Administrative Office and with the District Development Committee in 2010.


VFN provides both short term emergency shelter and long term accommodation to the child victims of natural calamities and conflict who are orphaned, semi orphaned and street children.


A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu on 25th April, 2015 destroying many buildings and devastating much of the city. In remote area, some villages were completely wiped out. Government figures say 9,000 people lost their lives and thousands have been displaced or lost everything. This has lead to some children being orphaned.


Nature looks at the geological and social circumstances that combined to make a Nepal quake so deadly. Nepal is prone to destructive earthquakes, not only because of the massive forces involved in the tectonic collision, but also because of the type of fault line the country sits on. Normal faults create space when the ground cracks and separates.


Nepal lies on a so-called thrust fault, where one tectonic plate forces itself on top of another. Despite the seeming regularity of several after quakes after the major one, it has been difficult to predict when one next devastating earthquake will happen again. Historic records and modern measurements of tectonic plate movement show that if the pressure builds in the region in a way that is generally consistent and homogenous, the region should expect a severe earthquake every four to five decades.


VFN has been providing much needed services to needy children here in our local community for five years (2010-2015). Due to the earthquake in April, we had to move from our rented accommodation into a new house because the old was deemed unsafe. Our new house, although bigger and better, is more expensive to rent and the landlord has said the rent will increase by 10% each year. OUR DREAM is to find our own land and build an earthquake safe home. This is a long-term investment and will go on in the future to offer children a safe and caring environment in which to grow and flourish.


At VFN, we do not wish to turn children away simply because we cannot accommodate them. We are aware we want to keep the home small enough to offer a real family environment, as that is what we do best. It is important to be able to give individual attention as and when needed. We therefore do not wish to become a large institution. However, since the earthquake more children need our help and we wish to be able to offer another 5 to 10 places on top of the 23 children we have at present, thus serving our local community.


In order to fulfil our dream mission, we need more space. For the girls and boys to come together for meals, homework, play and day to day living, but are separate for sleeping and we have a room for volunteers on a separate floor.


We enjoy having volunteers who come and share their own culture and skills, be it for a short time, one or two weeks, or for longer periods. The children at Papa’s have learnt much from volunteers sharing their time.


To serve the community fully, we need your help! Please consider making a donation to our VFN Land & Building Fund money raised from this will be used to secure land to construct a building for the present and future children sheltering here.


We wish for PAPA’s Home to become a children’s home of excellence which others can aspire to.


No donation is too small and much appreciated. Please think about how important the work of VFN really is, and consider the positive impact a larger facility will have on children and the community.


The cost to build this extension, with land and building is estimated to be NRS. 10,000,000

(Euro 90,909, exchange rate being:Euro 1= NRS. 110)
(USD 100,000, exchange rate being: USD 1= NRS. 100).
(Pound £66,000 – exchange rate being Pound £1 = NRS150)


We can obviously not do this without the help of outside funding. For Support of how much is possible from you, you can follow any option provided below:


Option 1 : Our Bank Account Detail

Account Name: Volunteer Foundation Nepal

Account No: 01-2433176-01


Bank : Standard Chartered Bank

Address : Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal


Option 2:  PayPal

Paypal Email: [email protected]



Thank you for your esteemed support in advance. We would love to welcome you at Papa’s Home. Come and visit our beautiful Nepal.



Lalit Shahi
Volunteer Foundation Nepal (PAPA’s Home)


Thursday 2019 January 24
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