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PAPA's Home located in Kupondole, is a non government organization which enables future stars with the capacity to compete and succeed in a sustainable manner, is a project aimed at offering shelter in a family environment to Children of the Streets and other Vulnerable Children.

Street children have become a big problem in Nepal. Children opt for their street lives due to their various mental and physical problems at their home. Some are born or left after their birth in the street. PAPA’s Home was founded to provide love, care, supervise and support those innocent little kids in a sustainable manner protecting them from being abused and exploited. PAPA's home is a small project, currently caring for 22 kids. 5 kids are former street children who have joined us since September 1st, 2012. We welcome more children whenever we have sufficient fund. We intend to offer love and security To Street kids, orphans and other needy children as part of the PAPA’s Home family.

It is estimated that there are about 2,000 street children living in the streets of Nepal. We can find more than 1000 such kids along in the Kathmandu valley, Generally aged between 5 to 16 years. These children, predominantly boys, live their lives collecting plastic bottles for re-sale, begging from passers-by and scouring garbage bins for something to eat.

Life on the street proves to be dangerous and deceptive. Many are adopted by gangs and are accordingly trapped in cycles of criminal activities and violence. They often resort to petty theft and prostitution for survival. To endure the harshness these kids start consuming drugs and become addicted to it.

They are exploited and humiliated by society. Despite these difficult circumstances, we strongly believe that these kids have amazing survival skills, creativity and entrepreneural thought. VFN dedicates to bring these hidden talents. Papa's home with emotional attachment provides the guidelines to make their future secure and thus contributes to a healthy and peace nation. Papa's home thus always keeps on striving for the rights of every ignored children that the child deserves.
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